The pandemic has changed us, and our priorities. Every working individual has now asked the question, ‘is the work that I am doing, worth the trouble?’ We’d all like to better answer that question today; each one of us would like to be able to say that the work that I do does a little more than just pay for my life, it actually helps build a better world.

With the pandemic changing so many things for so many people at the same time, there is now churn, and individuals are actively changing jobs and careers, with some choosing to become self-employed and some even deciding to drop out and retire. There are also individuals who have decided to return to the workplace after retirement to take advantage of flexible and remote working.

This portal here is about shared wisdom and about learning from each other. At AskBricoleur- Leaders Mentor Leaders, you have the opportunity to share your insights, learnings and wisdom with others who may be seeking advice, guidance or just someone experienced to talk to, in order to clarify their thinking.


Mentoring is a great way to build your coaching and leadership skills. It builds your confidence, communication skills, listening skills, building trust, being perceptive, asking good questions and delivering and perhaps accepting feedback. Mentoring also helps build your self-awareness and may even prove to be a chance to establish your expertise.

Mentoring is also a chance to understand the mindset of a professional grappling with career decisions and changes. A mentoring exchange on Leaders Mentor Leaders could also give you exposure to different mindsets and perspectives through conversations with very diverse Mentees from different geographies.

Our definition of success has become much more about personal impact.​

With the dramatic changes the pandemic has wrought on our way of working, many of us are questioning our work related choices. Given this, having someone experienced in your industry to lend you a listening ear & helping you answer questions about your next step is invaluable. Based on feedback from professionals in the digital marketing, media & technology industries we have developed the AskBricoleur Leaders Mentor Leaders (LML) initiative to provide a mentoring service for a 3-week period starting 11th October 2021.

Please share this with someone who may be looking to make a career change.

Damien Cummings

Damien is one of Asia Pacific's most recognized digital transformation leaders and was Global Head of Digital Marketing
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Joe Nguyen

Joe was Senior Vice President APAC at Comscore till recently where he built the business from scratch
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Vivek Kumar

Vivek Kumar is Director Strategic Marketing and Omnichannel Monetisation at NTUC FairPrice.
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- Leaders Mentor Leaders (LML)

Sonal Patel

Sonal is Managing Director of Quantcast's technology and data offering in South-East Asia. Sonal has over 17 years of experience in the digital industry
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Gergo Szanko

Gergo Szanko is Senior Director of Analytics, Global Core Solutions at Essence, a global data and measurement-driven media agency that is part of GroupM
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Gowthaman Ragothaman

Gowthaman was till recently Global Client Lead, WPP & Global Blockchain Solutions Lead, GroupM.
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Audrey Kuah

Audrey was till recently Dentsu International’s Executive Director, Media Practice, APAC, and Managing Director of the Group’s first global R & D centre,
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Sulin Tan

Sulin joined Carousell in 2019 after 2 decades as an advertising professional with the leading media owner Singapore Press Holdings.
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Robert Kiely

Robert is Senior Vice President, Lazada, one of the biggest e-commerce websites in South-east Asia and performs the Chief of Staff, Strategy and Operations functions.
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